Who we are

In this "Who We Are" section of our website we touch on some topics that will help you get to know us:

The Gospel - what does God say about Himself, mankind, and His Son, the savior of the world?

Our Doctrine - what do we believe God proclaims and teaches us through His Word?

The Church - what is it?

Membership - why do we have it? Is it important?

The Christian Life - how should we live in light of the Gospel?

Leadership - how should we lead and be led?

Our Leadership page has an informal introduction to each of our elders and deacons.

Since the church is people, not an organization or building, the best way to get to know who we are is to come visit and find out first hand.  Come join us as we build up the body of Christ by living out the Christian life together. We look forward to seeing you soon!