Junior and Senior High School Ministry (7th-12th graders)

Discipleship Class

Sundays (9:00-10:00 am) 

Location: Cow Creek Community Church (Community Life Center: Upstairs)

Led by Paul Kaukonen

Youth Group - Bible Study

Sundays (6:30-8:30 pm)

Location: Rowe's House

For more information, please contact Paul Rowe or the church office!

Youth are at the crossroads of a unique time of life. They have left childhood and are in many respects laying a foundation for their lives as adults. At Cow Creek Community Church we want to make sure that this foundation is grounded in the Word of God. A young person’s attitude and response to the Word of God determines the course of his or her life as adulthood is navigated. We are excited to offer teaching times to our youth on multiple occasions each month as well as other intentional venues such as camps and conferences. We understand that the time of youth is filled with lots of energy and a desire to have fun. We enjoy having fun with them when we meet together, but our main and ultimate objective is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. A disciple of Christ is someone who has trusted His death on the cross and resurrection from the grave as the only hope for forgiveness from sin and then a lifetime commitment to following Him as revealed in the Word of God. As we model discipleship for young people and faithfully teach God’s Word, we pray that God will be pleased to nurture our young people into men and women who live fruitful lives for God’s glory. We welcome anyone who is between seventh and twelfth grade to join us.