Home fellowship Groups

We call our small group home studies "Home Fellowship Groups."

Our home fellowship groups are an essential aspect of our church ministry. They meet in homes throughout the area on different evenings of the week. Home fellowship groups provide a context to fully express the life of a local church. We view them as a means of enjoying fellowship at a unique level because our groups are much smaller than when we gather on Sunday mornings for corporate worship. Often during the busyness of Sunday mornings it is more difficult to practice meeting the needs of one another as is repeatedly modeled in the New Testament, so we appreciate the opportunity afforded when we frequently gather in homes. They also provide an excellent opportunity for one on one discipleship relationships to develop as well as provide an avenue for each member of the body of Christ to use his or her gifts in serving one another. During each meeting we will intentionally fellowship, walk the Christian life together, and study God’s Word in an atmosphere that seeks to optimize our growth together. So please take time to familiarize yourself with our groups and seek to prioritize joining with us as we grow together.

Each of these groups create a schedule to meet for study, prayer, and fellowship.

We take a break with most of our groups during the summer (June-August), 

but resume in September/October each year! 

For more information, please contact the church office.